National Association of Mortgage Field Services

NAMFS has been working with several industry segments to bring a centralized solution to the industry; a solution that we endorse to our membership. The initial working group includes NAMFS, Wells Fargo, Aspen Grove and First Advantage. We believe that it is incumbent upon NAMFS to be a leader on this issue and therefore an active member of the working group so that we can best represent and serve our members interests on this critical issue now and into the future.


Our primary goal and focus delivers a singular background check process that will be adopted across the industry, eliminating the costly and cumbersome exercise for national, regional and local providers to have multiple checks done based on differing requirements of their clients. Another benefit of this collaborative approach has been to understand that different levels of compliance requirements may exist for each client and to capture them all under one universally adopted standard.


While background checks are just one important facet of a good vendor management program, they go a long way in taking our industry to the next level, by building professionalism and trust in our services. By embracing this background initiative, we stand united and show that we are passionate about maintaining a safe, sound and secure vendor network.


NAMFS and the working group view this as the starting point of this initiative and as such have identified these Next Steps

  • Continuation of the Working Group to engage additional background check companies as well as review and refine the solution to address any issues or regulatory changes.
  • An onboarding program has been created to ensure a staggered roll out of the Background Check solution.
  • The team at NAMFS will provide regular updates to our membership and the industry via our communication portals