National Association of Mortgage Field Services
Earthvisionz is cutting edge location Intelligence Company located in Boulder CO. We created one of the world’s first 3D content management systems for The US Air Force from 2002-2009.

Asset protection and preservation is paramount to our business.  We are constantly looking to become more efficient, immediate, and cost-effective in response to severe weather and natural disaster events that affect our properties. New location intelligence technology is quickly becoming a difference maker, and is now affordable.  

Protect Your Assets Instantly With Real-Time Alerts:

Continually monitor and track real-time weather and natural disaster events mapped to your assets with
V-ALERT. Affected areas are matched to your exact property locations and automatic alerts are sent to you on any device, so you can take action IMMEDIATELY. Save hours of searching, insure data accuracy, and improve your response time and efficiency with V-ALERT.

Increase Work Orders

V-ALERT enables your team to:
-Monitor multiple property types with less effort
-Quickly add data fields such as tenant list, lease rates, and building types
-Upload photos, videos, and comments instantly from the field with mobile devices
-Increase revenues by generating more work orders 
-Improve management control over employees and sub-contractors
-Reduce the potential for millions of dollars in regulatory, EPA, state and local fines

Easy and simple to operate V-Alert requires only a few hours of training. It is extremely affordable.

Contact: The Earthvisionz Team  (303) 444-1000