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East Point Systems is the leading software solutions provider for the mortgage field services industry. Since 1996 Our experienced team has been providing Fortune 500 companies, national service providers and small to medium sized lenders, contractors, inspectors, realtors, and other businesses with high functioning and efficient software platforms to address their company goals. At East Point we continually strive to maintain a superior level of new software innovation, coupled with steadfast loyalty and service to our customers. 


This year we are exceedingly proud and excite to announce the official release of our new Field Service Management Software! 


Our existing product suite:


1. is our latest and most advanced software system with its first generation release in early January 2017. The website features a cloud-based operating system, user friendly interface for easy navigation, built in cost estimator, API integration with most national service providers, multiple user ability, and organized clear layout. It is accessible from any device with an internet connection.


2. Flow Forward is and Business Intelligence software that Manages the lifecycle of an asset from initiation to closure, utilizing our strong Workflow engine.

Create workflows based on your business needs to perform actions such as; Creating Orders, Assigning Orders based on regions, Implementing approval gates based on criteria like cost, Automated order creation based on schedule or results in transmission, and much more! Flow Forward is integrated directly with Field Forward, providing you with a powerhouse platform to run your enterprise.


We also offer a knowledgeable and helpful customer support team, Support of multiple concurrent users, Scalability to meet your needs as your company grows & The highest encryption levels to secure access & data.


East Point Legacy Products:


1., securely manages your office processes, including: electronic photos, bids , report documentation, accounts receivable & vendor payables

2. In-Field Express, ( Web-based vendor portal allows for: expediting orders, receiving quick & accurate results to and from the field

3. Client Direct, Client web-based portal accommodates businesses without a system of their own, allows them to interact as an extension of for expediting orders and results from smaller clients such as: banks, realtors & credit unions 


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