National Association of Mortgage Field Services
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Prologiq offers third party processing services to the companies in the property preservation and inspection space.
We cover:
Assigning work orders 
QC of completed work orders from the field
Data entry of completed work orders
Preparing and uploading bids
Invoicing and following up with vendor on outstanding work orders
Our team has hands on experience in handling all national systems as well as PPW, Field comm etc. We also provide you with a 24*7 coverage. With trained staff being available, you will end up spending less on your operational and training cost and the set up time is very minimal.

Our commitment to quality is unmatched and we are one of the leading providers of offshore staffing in the Preservation space.

This year, as part of our Member to Member benefit program, we offer a 20% discount on our prices for NAMFS members. You can choose to pay per order or pay per person.

Contact:    Sreepriya Kowshik    (973)419-5555