2014 Keynote Speaker - Sponsored by: Wells Fargo Home Mortgage

Kevin Sweeney

Lt Colonel USAF, Ret.

How to Deliver Peak Performance when the Heat is On Pressure Cooker Confidence enables you to say I can, I will, I expect, and I did it when the pressure is on. The Colonel's flagship presentation built around his dramatic life or death flight. Kevin will position you mentally in the cockpit with him to personally live through his incredible experience and challenge of having the two engines on his left wing come completely off his airplane while on a Desert Storm combat mission. As he introduces the five principles of Performance Under Pressure you will discover why the hard work you do before hand matters more than the work you do when the pressure is on.

State of the Industry Sponsored by: Brunswick Companies

Moderated by NAMFS President, Adam Miles, this general session brings together a panel that includes a variety of mortgage default servicing professionals. This is a great opportunity to learn what’s happening in our industry today and what may occur in the near future. Our panel includes knowledgeable representatives including Investors, Insurers, loan servicers, and property preservation professionals who will help you understand how the state of the industry impacts your business.

Speakers: Nickie Bigenho, Anthony Di Staulo, Engram Lloyd and Davis Swanson

Servicer Panel Sponsored by: Assurant Field Services

This panel conversation will consist of servicers of various size and portfolio makeup. They will share information as to audit findings and other regulatory guidance that is shaping the future of the industry.

Speakers: Terry Sadowski, Bill Glasgow, Jim Taylor, Gayle Edwards and Anthony Donatelli

2014 Recorded Breakout Sessions

2014 Breakout Sessions

If you would like more information regarding the following sessions please contact NAMFS via email, admin@NAMFS.org.

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