Industry Video Standard (SD)

Problem Statement

NAMFS wishes to provide a recommended video standard for the mortgage field service industry.  This is inclusive of all Client work providers who want video from the field vendors.  As of early 2020 there was not a widespread consensus on if, why and how video should be collected, and the pros and cons of video evidence versus photo evidence.  This solution is only focused on the technical implementation of video (the how) in a way to minimize implementation costs supporting multiple formats and vendor adoption challenges if clients do begin to require widespread video collection in the future.

Notwithstanding the above, vendors may be required to capture video in many formats on various devices for their Clients.

The vendor may also be required to share these videos with their Client’s order system portal (website) or compatible tool that is integrated with their client's order system portal.

Similar to the industry standard photo size/format promoted by NAMFS for photos, both vendors and Clients would like a single video format defined to simplify video management.

Clients and their vendors need a defined video quality (resolution) and maximum recording time to simplify playback, reduce the time spent reviewing video and minimize file size.

With a video standard, technology providers will be motivated to provide tools to convert the most popular video formats to the single video standard defined by NAMFS prior to the video sharing/upload to Client systems.