2015 Keynote Speaker - Sponsored by: Brunswick Companies

Meet Jon Petz, keynote speaker at the 2015 Annual Conference of Mortgage Field Services.
Jon Petz is a noted speaker, author and sarcastic introvert. For over fifteen years, Jon has been providing relevant perspective and insight to corporate and association audiences around the world. He’s an authority on personal and professional engagement, sales & leadership innovation and customer experience strategies.

As the author of several books, including the top-selling title, “Boring Meetings Suck”, you can be assured that his programs are uniquely different, which audiences love because they’re interactive, energetic and entertaining.

For over fifteen years, Jon Petz has been delivering fascinating, fast-paced and funny presentations around the world. Jon believes in creating moments of “SHOWTIME.” This is the moment we need to create IMPACT in our work, our life and the lives of others instead of merely meeting expectations. We need to rekindle the passion in who we are and what we do and look for ways to add value to our relationships without necessarily spending more money. Drawing on his diverse experience as a top corporate executive, social experimenter Jon will provided conference attendees with pertinent content, delivered masterfully with the engagement that is uniquely and unequivocally Jon Petz.

State of the Industry Sponsored by: Miles Preservation

Moderated by NAMFS President, Adam Miles, this general session brings together a panel of veteran default servicing professionals with expertise spanning a wide range of industry roles. The panel discussion provides a unique opportunity to analyze what’s happing in our industry today in order to prepare for tomorrow. Our panel brings a variety of perspectives to help attendees understand just how the state of the mortgage field servicing industry impacts your business.

Speakers: Adam Miles, Nickie Bigenho, David Swanson,  Engram Lloyd,  Jodi Gaines

Servicer Panel Sponsored by: Assurant Field Services

This panel conversation consisted of servicers of various size and portfolio makeups. They shared information as to audit findings and other regulatory guidance that is shaping the future of the industry.

Speakers: Gayle Edwards,  Dan Van Keuren,  Eric Miller,  Paul Carlson,  Oscar Posadas

2015 Recorded Breakout Sessions

2015 Breakout Sessions

If you would like more information regarding the following sessions please contact NAMFS via email, admin@NAMFS.org.

RealtyTrac: The Impact of U.S. Foreclosure Trends on Property Preservation

RealtyTrac: Analyzing U.S. Foreclosure Data in Target Markets

Legislative, Judicial & Regulatory Trends Impacting the Industry

SBA: Competitive Advantage

SBA: Growing an Established Business

SBA: Establishing Values for Your Business

What You Need to Know About Compliance and Audits

Technology In The Mortgage Field Services Industry