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Aspen Grove Solutions (Aspen) provides enterprise-level business process workflows for property management on our secure technology platform.  Our products are easy to use and quick to implement.  If you inspect, preserve, rehab, manage, and/or sell properties; analyze inventory; and/or manage third-party vendor relationships, Aspen can help you apply simplicity to those complex processes.  Our clients include: banks, servicers, investors, property inspection and preservation companies, contractors, agents/brokers, and asset managers (the supply chain).

Founded in Boston, MA in 1997, and now based in Frederick, MD, we are a privately held company continuing to expand our offerings through our Aspen iFamily® suite of products.  We connect people, process, and platform.

EZ Inspections, processing 12 million work orders a year, is the innovative leader in cloud and mobile-based field service automation. EZ serves multiple industries such as rental home inspection, vacation home inspection & maintenance, BPO / REO management, mortgage and insurance inspection, and property preservation.

EZ system streamlines the entire process of work order management, from order issuance to result submission. EZ features automatic order download from and result upload to your clients, auto dispatch to field reps based on zip codes, mobile data and photo collection, robust QC features, routing / mapping and accounting that integrates with Quickbooks.

EZ also maintains a network of inspection and maintenance companies covering the entire country of United States, who can provide high quality work at competitive rates. This valuable resource is searchable to property managers through our partner site C-mobo, a platform connecting customers and providers in the property industries.


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Automated Data Entry: Our software will perform the bulk of your tedious data entry. InspectorADE integrates directly with most major inspection companies to seamlessly deliver your data. This allows you to manage all of your inspections and inspectors centrally.

Mobile Applications: In addition to the website, our phone apps for iPhone and Android, and our desktop software, InspectorADE Junior, can accompany you to enter your data on location in a remote area without an internet connection.

Custom Forms: Unlike other inspection management systems, we customize our forms to match the inspection companies that you work with. This reduces the risk of errors and unhappy clients. No more workarounds and compromise — our software is built for you.

Property Pres Wizard (Xactware)

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PPW is a software product that provides companies with a web-based business management system and mobile application. Our software manages the flow of data throughout the supply chain. PPW is used by companies throughout the entire process from the servicer to the field service technician. Our ability to meet the needs of the entire network has contributed to our success.


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Need tamper proof photos and survey for your business? Need proof of performance so that you can get paid for your work? Pruvan, founded in 2010, is a trusted and unbiased third-party data collection service that provides a tamper proof chain of custody for work orders and collected field data by utilizing the latest smart phone technology. Photos and surveys are tagged with certified location data, attached to work orders in real time from the field, and sent back instantly to the office and subsequently the work provider. The Pruvan Direct system (the mobile app, an online account, and a desktop photo organizer) streamlines processes for field service companies which enables them to improve service quality and eliminate fraud. Pruvan is based in Round Rock, TX, a suburb of Austin, which was recently named by Forbes as the fastest growing metro-area for the tech industry in the United States.