Judicial Alert – California Supreme Court Ruling regarding Independent Contractors

On April 30, the California Supreme Court issued a decision related to “gig” economy workers (independent contractors) which changes the determination of classification away from the 20 question IRS test and to California’s new ABC test. NAMFS would like to alert our members to this ruling. As we are not privy to each member’s business practices nor are we attorneys, NAMFS recommends consulting with your business’ legal representation.

There are NAMFS members that have previously amended their business practices in California particularly due to the classification, workers comp, unemployment and other issues. Please contact NAMFS and we will attempt to put parties in contact with each other should you be experiencing any of these issues. NAMFS is also exploring the possibility of an obfuscated repository of information on our website. We have also created a private group on Facebook for NAMFS members which could also be used to report issues. Please keep in mind that there is not a single answer that will resolve as each business can operate differently.

NAMFS would like to thank Suzanne Phillips and other members that have brought this issue and potential communication ideas to the table.

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The Dynamex Decision: The California Supreme Court Restricts Use of Independent Contractors

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