NAMFS Addresses COVID-19

As a result of the March 11, 2020 World Health Organization’s declaration of Covid-19 as a pandemic and the confirmation that the virus is easily transmitted via person to person contact, NAMFS believes it prudent to immediately suspend making contact for delinquency/occupancy determination inspections.   NAMFS has previously stated and strongly believes, that requesting contact information and/or use of door hangers is no longer a viable part of this inspection type.  NAMFS endorses and recommends the obtaining of contact information and/or requesting communication with the occupant be completed through alternative solutions such as delivery services, certified mail, electronic means (text/email) etc.

In situations where contact is required; i.e. Loss Draft Inspections, Cash For Keys and others, NAMFS encourages the understanding of all parties requesting and completing these services while this situation continues to evolve.  NAMFS also believes that due to the pandemic classification of Covid-19 that any associated penalties or denials of payment, regardless of “level” (Investor/Insurer through National service provider) should be suspended through the end of April 2020, at a minimum.

Founded in 1988, The National Association of Mortgage Field Services was created to provide its membership with a voice to all parties within the Industry. Members include Servicers, National Field Service Providers, Inspectors, Contractors and those offering industry-specific services.  If you have questions regarding this communication please contact NAMFS via the following email –

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