NAMFS Industry Pricing Initiative Update March 2023

NAMFS is pleased to share Fannie Mae Servicing Guide Update SVC-2023-1. Included in the changes are increases to expense reimbursables for inspections and many property preservation services, which was the focus of the NAMFS Industry Pricing Initiative. F-1-05 contains the updated expense reimbursement table with the Inspection and Property Preservation allowables on pages 577-583 of the Guide.

NAMFS continues its efforts on Year 2 of the Industry Pricing Initiative with the focus moving to Property Preservation. We are currently working on understanding the pricing created through no fewer than four (4) cost estimator tools and have identified eight (8) MSAs across the nation for these bids. It is important that there is consistency when creating the bid prices to ensure these can be blended in order to compare against the allowables.

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